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Doctor of Divinity

  • A Doctor of Divinity is an honorary degree. The title is bestowed to  individuals who have devoted their lives to theological pursuits or community betterment.
  • When a person has contributed significantly to their community through religious leadership, his church or an academic facility affiliated with his church may determine that the individual is eligible to receive the degree.

What is it about?

1.Typically, an academic candidate will submit a collection of work which has been previously published in a peer-reviewed context

2.The university then assembles a committee of academics both internal and external who review the work submitted and decide on whether the candidate deserves the doctorate based on the submission

3.In order to apply, students must hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program in divinity, history, religious studies or a similar field

Why study DOCTOR of Divinity?

1.Honorary awards are superior because they are earned from prestigious contribution, which sets standards for others to follow for the sake of honour

2.Honorary Degree is top most tier in career, where everyone wants to reach for bright opportunities and prestigious international recognition.



Divinity Degrees are, not surprisingly, mostly about the “divine”. Master of Divinity (MDiv) is when one ‘masters’ various subjects within the field of ‘divinity.’  These areas center primarily on the study of God, or upon special revelation.  Special Revelation has to do with the miraculous and supernatural ways that God has made Himself known—through the inspiration of Scripture and the Person of Jesus Christ,

What is it about?

1.The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the work of the Christian Ministry through a comprehensive study of the biblical and theological disciplines

2.Along with discovering, nurturing and developing themselves to become more effective in the service of the religion and people.

3.It is a multidisciplinary course that involves the study of different languages and history in detail, this makes the student well-versed in many other aspects as well

4.After completing this course, you can go for various religious positions like Pastor in church, Religious Teacher or Professor in College/School, Missionary, Bible book translator, Relief worker or a social worker.

Why study Master of Divinity?

1.The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree, is a qualifying requirement for individuals who are interested in performing the activities related to a Pastoral professionects

2.Many students become motivators and speakers after acquiring the degree, those who like to motivate people for their individual good, and the collective good of the society can join the course.

3.Enhance your powers of logical thinking and critical analysis

4.Gives you an opportunity to be a part of a noble cause.

Master of Theology is a Post Graduation degree that offers you the opportunity to have an in-depth research and writing knowledge of theology subject at an advanced level.

What is it about?

1.Master of Theology deals with the study of religion and its impact on society.

2.It covers the study of subjects related to anthropology, writing, philosophy and history.

3.This course helps you to learn the disciplines of faith and divine.

4.After completing this course, you can go for various religious positions like Pastor in church, Religious Teacher or Professor in College/School, Missionary, Bible book translator, Relief worker or a social worker.

Why study master of Theology?

1.Makes you a professional in the divine and faith subjects

2.Strengthens your communication skills

3.Enhance your powers of logical thinking and critical analysis

4.Gives you an opportunity to be a part of a noble cause.

B.D or Bachelor of Divinity is an course which has A sole aim of to train students, through Theological Education and prepare them for becoming effective ministers.

What is it about?

1.The Bachelor of Divinity course aims to impart theological knowledge to the students. The students will get to know about the different biblical connotations that are represented by the           Holy Bible.

2.The candidates will understand the various ethics of Christianity and will also learn about the functioning of a church.

3.THIS course will help students to understand the role of religion in giving proper meaning to spirituality.

4.This will help them to mould the religious life of people in a better way.

Why study Bachelor of Divinity?

1.The Bachelor of Divinity course will help the students to become a part of Christian leadership and will also help them to develop a spiritual understanding.

2.After completing the course, the candidates will be able to interpret biblical scripture and various important theological topics.

3.The Bachelor of Divinity graduates can teach at churches and other religious organizations. They may also impart theological knowledge.

4.The students will also be able to opt for higher education. Numerous course options are open to them.


A Bachelor of Theology is a course which has been designed to equip students for Christian ministry and to lead people with spiritual discipline and knowledge.

The program seeks to provide a thorough understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

What is it about?

  1. The course is beneficial to the students as it provides an opportunity for an intellectually rigorous study of the Christian faith from the perspective of Christian traditions and thought.
  2. The course also provides a thorough grounding where it recognizes the diversity of the Christian tradition.
  3. It also focuses on exegesis and hermeneutics and related subjects in Christian Theology.
  4. The course equips students to study the Bible, so they are in a position to explain what it says and means.
  5. This course is perfect for those who want to learn more about spirituality and how churches, etc. came into existence.
  6. This course will also equip students with the skills to teach others regarding spirituality and the simple way of life.


Why study Bachelor of Theology?

  1. The course helps one to fulfill their spiritual longings.
  2. Students extensively learn about the concepts of theology.
  3. They are taught the implementations of these concepts in one’s day to day life.
  4. The course comes with various career opportunities. Students can either choose to work or to pursue further education in the respective field.
  5. The course imparts a wide variety of skills. Some of the skills imparted through the course are critical thinking, clear writing, problem solving and analysis of social and historical trends.

This is a preparatory course to prepare the students for Bachelors Degree in Theology. The course duration is 2 years 

What is it about?

  1.  A theology program offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of religious traditions and the impact that they have had and continue to have, on the world in which we live today.
  2. The program focuses on the development of theological beliefs and practices across different religions, with special emphasis on Christianity and western civilization.
  3. Theology is a liberal arts program and is open to all, irrespective of beliefs or religious or non-religious background.
  4. It provides a vital space for critical dialogue in today’s multi-religious societies.

Why study Diploma of Theology?

  1. The Programme will enhance proficiency in another language or languages and will increase international career opportunities.
  2. The aim of the course is to introduce students in a systematic manner to the body of coherent knowledge that is the classical discipline of theology as a means of preparing men and women for well-informed participation in the life of the church
  3. If students so choose, for ministry in one or more areas of pastoral practice. Students will be able to interpret and communicate from the Scriptures.
  4. It is specially designed as the basic training and equipping of Christians for vocational as well as ministry in the local church.