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Doctor of Divinity

  • A Doctor of Divinity is an honorary degree. The title is bestowed to  individuals who have devoted their lives to theological pursuits or community betterment.
  • When a person has contributed significantly to their community through religious leadership, his church or an academic facility affiliated with his church may determine that the individual is eligible to receive the degree.

What is it about?

1.Typically, an academic candidate will submit a collection of work which has been previously published in a peer-reviewed context

2.The university then assembles a committee of academics both internal and external who review the work submitted and decide on whether the candidate deserves the doctorate based on the submission

3.In order to apply, students must hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program in divinity, history, religious studies or a similar field

Why study DOCTOR of Divinity?

1.Honorary awards are superior because they are earned from prestigious contribution, which sets standards for others to follow for the sake of honour

2.Honorary Degree is top most tier in career, where everyone wants to reach for bright opportunities and prestigious international recognition.