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Diploma in Theology


This is a preparatory course to prepare the students for Bachelors Degree in Theology. The course duration is 2 years 

What is it about?

  1.  A theology program offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding of religious traditions and the impact that they have had and continue to have, on the world in which we live today.
  2. The program focuses on the development of theological beliefs and practices across different religions, with special emphasis on Christianity and western civilization.
  3. Theology is a liberal arts program and is open to all, irrespective of beliefs or religious or non-religious background.
  4. It provides a vital space for critical dialogue in today’s multi-religious societies.

Why study Diploma of Theology?

  1. The Programme will enhance proficiency in another language or languages and will increase international career opportunities.
  2. The aim of the course is to introduce students in a systematic manner to the body of coherent knowledge that is the classical discipline of theology as a means of preparing men and women for well-informed participation in the life of the church
  3. If students so choose, for ministry in one or more areas of pastoral practice. Students will be able to interpret and communicate from the Scriptures.
  4. It is specially designed as the basic training and equipping of Christians for vocational as well as ministry in the local church.