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Bachelor Of Divinity


B.D or Bachelor of Divinity is an course which has A sole aim of to train students, through Theological Education and prepare them for becoming effective ministers.

What is it about?

1.The Bachelor of Divinity course aims to impart theological knowledge to the students. The students will get to know about the different biblical connotations that are represented by the           Holy Bible.

2.The candidates will understand the various ethics of Christianity and will also learn about the functioning of a church.

3.THIS course will help students to understand the role of religion in giving proper meaning to spirituality.

4.This will help them to mould the religious life of people in a better way.

Why study Bachelor of Divinity?

1.The Bachelor of Divinity course will help the students to become a part of Christian leadership and will also help them to develop a spiritual understanding.

2.After completing the course, the candidates will be able to interpret biblical scripture and various important theological topics.

3.The Bachelor of Divinity graduates can teach at churches and other religious organizations. They may also impart theological knowledge.

4.The students will also be able to opt for higher education. Numerous course options are open to them.