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Online Training

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, students were not able to attend a traditional classroom

Zionraju bible college has come forward to provide online courses to the students. With the help of the internet, students will be able to develop skills and gain knowledge online from the comfort of their homes. An educational experience that has no physical boundaries; students can take part in classes and interact with classmates from anywhere . The mindset of every student varies, and the ability to grasp knowledge and skills varies. In spite of this, the faculty at Zionraju Bible College encourages and inspires the students to excel and work hard. Our online program allows students to learn at their own pace and according to their own abilities. All students of the online program are required to maintain full attendance

  • The students in online classes will receive lectures from professional faculties who can offer the best advice to the students because they have already dealt with many challenges during their ministry.
  •        As part of the online education curriculum, students will be able to access recorded lectures whenever they feel uncertain or have a difficulty reading the bible.
  • Furthermore, students will be able to read and gain knowledge during online education by accessing e-books. When taking online classes, it is not necessary to purchase or carry heavy books. They can save these books for a lifetime and read them anytime.
  • The students have the opportunity clear their doubts with the faculties After the

Completion of classes students can ask their regarding the subject  so that every student can understand all the topics efficiently.