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Master of Divinity


Divinity Degrees are, not surprisingly, mostly about the “divine”. Master of Divinity (MDiv) is when one ‘masters’ various subjects within the field of ‘divinity.’  These areas center primarily on the study of God, or upon special revelation.  Special Revelation has to do with the miraculous and supernatural ways that God has made Himself known—through the inspiration of Scripture and the Person of Jesus Christ,

What is it about?

1.The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the work of the Christian Ministry through a comprehensive study of the biblical and theological disciplines

2.Along with discovering, nurturing and developing themselves to become more effective in the service of the religion and people.

3.It is a multidisciplinary course that involves the study of different languages and history in detail, this makes the student well-versed in many other aspects as well

4.After completing this course, you can go for various religious positions like Pastor in church, Religious Teacher or Professor in College/School, Missionary, Bible book translator, Relief worker or a social worker.

Why study Master of Divinity?

1.The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree, is a qualifying requirement for individuals who are interested in performing the activities related to a Pastoral professionects

2.Many students become motivators and speakers after acquiring the degree, those who like to motivate people for their individual good, and the collective good of the society can join the course.

3.Enhance your powers of logical thinking and critical analysis

4.Gives you an opportunity to be a part of a noble cause.